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Enterprise Culture
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Our tenet:
Everybody is good, the company will be good; Good company, we will be better. Development depend on each employee of the company, its development is good, everyone will have the space of the talent, the company's interests is the interest of the individual, corporate and personal development organic unity. Yong ding men do not touch the prohibitions: embezzlement, bribery, enrich themselves; Embezzlement, embezzlement, theft, damage the public property deliberately; Reveal company secrets, etc.

The spirit of YongDing:
Cultivate one's morality is professional

To strengthen their self-cultivation and quality enhancement is each yong ding people must face the problem. Work is a kind of attitude and spirit, but also one's own quality, dedicated people no matter in what jobs are worthy of our respect; The success of the company as his success, the glory of the company as my glory, dedicated to responsible, excluding all of his personal gain or loss.

The team cooperation
Handle affairs should stand in the height of the interests of the company as a whole, not limited to the department and individual. Everything is given priority to with group interests, home for the company, see colleagues as brothers and sisters. Obedience is the first principle, but should take orally at a lower level. On the way to next processes as a customer, will be entirely responsible for. Devote themselves to the fastener, alliance from all walks of life both at home and abroad to strengthen exchanges, mutual cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, to join hands in creating brilliant tomorrow.

Respect for others
Listen to others talk, don't interrupt. Advocates standing in the other's perspective, accept the opinion or the suggestion, with good state of mind of other people's achievements don't mean to praise, for the mistakes of others in the most tactful attitude to give tips.


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